Rules to Live by

Parkview Rules to Live By 2021-2022

Our Philosophy:

At Parkview Elementary School, we believe that all children are responsible for their own behaviour. This sense of responsibility is an educational process and requires on-going cooperative links between the school, home, community, and student. While working within the context of our “Rules to Live By” we want to ensure the safety, security, and well-being of all our participants to favour growth and learning. Our goal is to assist in the process of creating well-rounded citizens who foster life-long learning. 

Respect of Self

Well-being, perseverance, open mindedness, life-long learning, trying your best

Respect of Others

Cooperation, collaboration, helping & encouraging others, sportsmanship, citizenship, kindness

Respecting the Environment

Clean-up, use equipment appropriately & safely, respect property

  • I show effort in performing tasks
  • I learn from my mistakes
  • I strive to improve
  • I have all the necessary materials to complete my school work
  • I submit assignments and projects on time (giving my best effort)  
  • I believe in myself
  • I wear the school dress code & dress according to the weather
  • I use my “tool box” of strategies to self-regulate my behavior
  • I use time effectively
  • I am polite and respect others
  • I am helpful
  • I behave in a kind and caring manner
  • I am understanding and accepting of differences/diversity
  • I am careful not to disrupt the learning of others
  • I share my ideas respectfully
  • I play safely with others
  • I listen to the instructions from adults
  • I solve my problems in a non-violent manner
  • I use respectful language
  • I keep my hands and feet to myself
  • I use my space wisely 
  • I respect my assigned area outside (when applicable)
  • I do not destroy school property and/or the belongings of others
  • I keep my school clean 
  • I keep track of my own belongings
  • I keep things clean and tidy
  • I keep food for myself- no sharing (allergies)


If a student fails to comply with the “Rules to Live By”, appropriate follow-ups, consequences, and restorative practices will be set in place based on the school team’s decision or that of the staff assistant/principal. Children will be given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and will be supported in doing so.